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Why you should trust a “Coach”

Why you should trust a

Why you should trust a “Coach”

One of the best parts of my profession is actually getting the satisfaction of teaching a client some new exercise or technique that they needed help with. The ability to explain and breakdown the move, observe and correct is crucial in my business. But one thing that constantly comes up is clients telling me that some clown of a fitness instructor told them to do it this way etc.

That “fitness instructor” who spent 6 weeks in a shitty hotel doing a course and then proclaims to be an “expert” is the reason why the fitness industry can sometimes gets a raw deal. It takes years and years to become an expert. Hours and hours reading books, reports, exploring new methods, trying them out first on yourself and then clients. Consistency in your beliefs but now afraid to admit your wrong and open your mind to something else. Hell, I have made every mistake under the sun since I  started. I look back at some of my old program planning and cringe.

But one thing that separates people in the fitness world is their ability to coach. You must be able to teach and coach in a way that the client never forgets that technique or move and can perfect it over time with confidence. You must have 100’s of progressions and regressions in your head at any one time so you can access them instantly. You must have a reason and a why when you give an exercise to someone. You must be able to explain nutrition in a simple manner that kickstarts the introduction of new habits in the clients mind.

Just because you have loads of time on your hands and you can cook exotic looking foods to put up on instagram does not make you a nutritionist. Sleep patterns, stress, lifestyle, toxins, inflammation etc. must be in your locker of knowledge. Believe me, 6 weeks in a hotel course wont teach you that. Your life is too important to be wasted away with some fake instructor who half believes in what he does himself.

Look at their lifestyle. Are they projecting what they are preaching? Wish to change your body shape or improve your strength levels? Find a coach/you interview them on their knowledge background then you can trust them.

Other wise you end of wasting a lot of time and money!

Brian “Coach” Roache

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