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Which Wolf are you feeding?

Which wolf are you feeding?

Which wolf are you feeding?

An old Cherokee told his grandson, “My child, there are two wolves inside of every man, battling one another every day. One wolf is evil. He is weakness, inferiority, ego, laziness and entitlement. The other is good. He is strength, hard work, self-reliance and humility.”

The boy thought about this for a long while, then asked, “Grandfather, which wolf wins?”

The old man replied, “The one you feed.”

I was reminded of this yesterday evening when I welcomed new people for their first Optimum Change Bootcamp at the gym.

For the last two weeks myself and my staff and met each one individually and talked to them about why they have failed in the past with regards exercise, fitness and nutrition.

For most it was lack of time, no motivation, bad eating, couldn’t be arsed, didn’t know what to do, along with my favourite, “my husband loved me putting on a few pounds”

Well whatever about the husband’s needs, it certainly wasn’t helping her achieve any real happiness.

I get the feeling more and more that we focus more on things we should be doing instead if the things we are doing.

For instance, how many times have you seen someone eating a muffin in a coffee shop while bitching about having no time for the gym?

Well, what time did you get up this morning? Could you have made a 6am boot camp? Did you prepare food the night before so you can eat easily after! How long have you been sitting in the coffee shop?

Have you explained to your partner that exercise is crucial for your health and family lifestyle? Have you told them that a large part of your happiness is not feeling sluggish, unfit, lack of energy and downright bloated?

But there is no point in all that conversation unless you focus on taking action. Stop talking about it and start doing it.

Where to start?

Well if your job focuses on mistake finding then you will carry that home and be looking for negatives and problems.

This is why you need something to bring freshness, energy and positivity into your life before you go home.

The good news is that you can engrain productive, positive patterns as well. Learn to look for the good and you will see more good, including opportunities for improvement

Are you looking for excuses all the time?

Do you give up a new fitness regime because “you can’t squat?” or every weekend do you eat shite food because you “deserve a cheat meal”

This is just generating habits. Simple. You must break the cycle. It takes 6-9 weeks before you break a habit fully. Replace the bad habit with a positive action that focuses you on not going back. So, if you were giving up chocolate, then when you get the craving go and eat some water melon or eat a handful of almonds. Break the cycle of a habit and you will never go back.

What is your engrained “go-to” response to a challenge? Do you automatically look for ways to overcome it? Or do you automatically fall back on looking for an excuse for why you can’t meet that challenge?

Remember, the things you focus on will begin to engrain themselves in your mind, changing behaviours, actions, and even your general outlook. Are you wiring yourself to see opportunities for improvement? Or are you programming yourself to find excuses?

In other words, which wolf are you feeding?

Brian Roache

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