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Michelle Reilly

“I had my first meeting with Brian in Total Fitness Solutions 5 months after my baby was born 28/07/2015. My goal was to lose the weight I had gained during my pregnancy, to get fit and also I needed an outlet that had likeminded women coming together. Optimum Change boot camp was the answer for me. I joined the 6.30pm class. They taught me that strength and conditioning training was the correct way for women to lose weight while gaining muscle. I was also taught how to eat while training which I never knew.

Within a short period of time (2-3 months) I had lost some of the baby weight and was much fitter and more toned. 10 months later, I am fitter than I have been in 10 years and have lost 51 lbs to date. This is now part of my lifestyle. My whole thinking on health and fitness has changed. It’s not a chore any more thanks to Total Fitness Solutions. My trainers included Brian, Jason, Ann and Annie. Thanks guys”.



Orla Walsh

“For every young girl from a small age their debs is one of the biggest days of their lives other than their wedding day! However, for me it was a totally different story. My weight throughout secondary school went out of control and the thought of buying a dress and getting done up to go to the debs was a total nightmare. I was very down in myself and hated how I looked but I went but deep down inside I was crying “why couldn’t I be like the other girls.”

I was depressed, hated how I looked, had no confidence and I totally excluded myself from life and my friends. Chocolate and coke were by best friends and excuses but this had to change or something serious was goin to happen as my health began to deteriorate.

In November 2011 this was the last time I was ever going to feel like that again! I went down to the gym where I met Brian who looked scary at the time but honestly, without him I wouldn’t be here today. He was very honest with me, he understood where I was coming from and told me that he would do all he could to get me to place where I was happy and healthy. A few days later came the dreaded weigh in; I was absolutely terrified I knew it was going to be good. At the young age of 19, I was 14 stone 4lbs with a body fat of 46%. I look back writing this and think how did I ever survive!

The staff at TFS were absolutely brilliant I have nothing but admiration and pride in each and every one of them because they have brought me to where I am today. They motivated me, picked me up when I couldn’t see a way out, gave me advice and most of all made me feel like I was part of their family. Not once did I ever feel left out from the hello to coming in the door, to goodbye see you tomorrow leaving or to feeling like I shouldn’t be there.

Since joining TFS, I have become a completely different person. I have more energy, more confidence, a body which I love and I am very proud of. I do things that I have never done before or even thought of like climbing Crough Patrick, going out nearly every weekend, goes to different places, concerts, walking, running, marathons, 10kms, weddings, holidays and meeting new people. The support from everybody has been overwhelming and truly amazing. You never know how important people are until a time comes when you really need them especially my family.

My goal from the first day ever was to be ready for my 21st birthday, I wanted to a princess to feel like one, I gave myself not even two years and I did it. I was the happiest girl ever, from going from a size 18 dress to a size 8 dress on my birthday that was a feeling I will never forget. Reflecting back on my journey has been the best thing I have done, I have cried with tears of pride and gladness that I have come out the other side. I have lost over 4 and a half stone since joining TFS and over half my body weight I now weigh 9st 13lbs. I have never been so happy, I have gone from a size 18 pair of jeans to a size 10-12 and a 16 in tops to a size 8. I feel like im on cloud 9!”