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On the road to Fat Ireland

Ireland today is on the road to becoming the obesity capital of the european union if it doesnt tackle the alarming problem that is bigger than our national debt

Hands up if you pulled up outside a national school or secondary school inside the last 7 years and been privately alarmed and shocked at the “pudginess” of some of the kids coming out!

They walk out of school, straight into their awaiting cars where they are brought home, possibly living very close by.

In my local area,children in secondary school flood down town at lunchtime and majority end up going to petrol stations, chippers and anywhere they can get a white roll and spread mayonnaise all over it.

After that they eat as much multi coloured sweets as possible before going back to schools that don’t see PE as a major player anymore.

And then we wonder why people’s health is getting worse by the year.

But, don’t fret.

At least someone wants to try and change this system of failure.

Professor Donal O’Shea who heads the Obesity management clinic in St Columcille’s Hospital in Dublin is trying to push the government to tackle the biggest problem that is hitting our children.

But alas, he is up against it. Other groups have tried before to push the government to bring in a sugar tax but Ireland has a major problem with that.

You see, we have the most crooked system in this country where by all the major food and drinks industry have Direct access to the politicians through lobbyist companies who are paid to ensure their companies keep making profits.

The government would like to target the soft drinks industry, who produce the carbonated sugar drinks but our Finance Minister shot it down because he knows they bring in a lot of money into his coffers.

To hell with the fact that it could potentially reduce the obesity levels by 14,000 adults.

Sugar sweetened drinks have no value to a human being but everywhere you look they are on the shelves promising huge energy and will cure your thirst for ever.

Most Irish Adults are overweight or obese (see our health ministers for the last 12 years!!)

But we are a people that like to see evidence before we jump in.

No one can say that taxing sugar drinks will lead to “weight loss” but we can’t wait to find that out.

Our nation is on the verge of a huge disaster and our health service cant cope with the level of patient’s right now.

So, if you are a parent, for gods sake think of your childs future and dump the fizzy drinks, make a effort to educate your child on the effects of sugar drinks and start showing example by not using them yourself.

Brian Roache

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