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Reasons you are not getting results in the Gym

Reasons you are not getting results in the Gym

Ever see the guy that spends all his time in the gym but never puts on a kilo? The guy who has all the latest gear and know everything about there is to know about gym training! He probably will have stick thin calves, Lego man thighs and never breaks a sweat!!

If this guy is you then keep reading. I am about to kick your ass!

The reasons you are not getting results

The reasons you are not getting results

Reason 1: You are forgetting to actually train!

Once you enter the gym a timer should go off in your head. Its game time. Leave the phone in the car. All you need is drink, a towel and determination. You only have 60 minutes to rip this gym apart. No messing around. No 15 minute warm up on a treadmill.

When I see a person enter my gym, I will know inside 10 minutes if that person is going to achieve results.

I know in this era of strength and conditioning, a huge emphasis is placed on corrective work, mobility and foam rolling. But don’t spend 35 minutes at the god damn thing and then decide to warm up.

I always tell people that all that work should be done inside the first 12 minutes with the final 3 minutes ready to fire the CNS (Central nervous system)

3 sets of 3 box jumps will fire that CNS through the roof getting you ready for your first big lift.

After that you have 45 minutes to perform to your maximum intensity. Think of your session like a sand clock. The longer you are in the gym you will be draining away your energy thus reducing your strength.

Many of us are tricking ourselves into thinking that we’re training when really we’re just wandering in off the street and wasting time. Stop it.

Reason 2. You Have Workout ADD


The reasons you are not getting results

The reasons you are not getting results

Finish your program. Follow your program. I don’t care what type it is but have some bloody pride and complete the session. Don’t veer off and decide halfway through that you don’t feel like it or lower the weights when you feel a bit of pressure.

Learn to lift correctly. Master squatting deeply and appropriately. Deadlift with a fierce look on your face and bench heavy.

Leave aside the leg press and squat. I promise you, trying to impress the girls on the leg press with your chicken legs won’t work. Put a bar on your back and they will check you out.

Show up to the gym with your workout in hand. Have it printed out and folded into your journal. Follow it. Finish it.

Reason 3: Your Diet Is “Undoing” Your Training


Reasons you are not getting results in the Gym

Reasons you are not getting results in the Gym


If you ate not eating enough then you won’t gain muscle. If you don’t eat enough you won’t lose body fat.

Under eating is one of the most harmful ways of not achieving the results you crave.

Once you change your mind set to looking at food as fuel then you are on the right path.

The minute you finish your workout, have a piece of fruit and a whey protein shake. Recovery and growth is all you should be thinking.

Within the next 45 minutes have a wholesome, non-processed meal with a good portion of protein, good fats with a small portion of carbs.

Now you’re refuelled allowing growth of muscle to occur over the next 40 hours.

There are 168 hours in a week. If you train during five of them, that leaves 163 hours to possibly undo anything you achieved in the gym, so how about giving at least a passing nod to eating right? I suggest that learning the basics of cooking – as simple as learning to use a knife, a slow cooker, and a grill, along with some proactive shopping – will do as much for you as the next great “secret” training protocol.


Reason 4: You’re Wasting Your Rest Periods


The reasons you are not getting results

The reasons you are not getting results

Reconsider your definition of “rest.” Personally, I never time rest periods and try to use the time between lifts to do my mobility work, my flexibility work, and my correctives.

The problem with gyms today, among other things, is that there are multiple televisions affixed to the walls. Add to that your magical super phone and the dozens of other things that distract us from training. Listen, when you’re in the gym, train.

Say you are chest pressing. Straight away when you are finished your set then why not perform a core exercise followed by a hip mobility exercise in preparation for your next big lift, the squat.

You don’t need a clock to know the rest period plus you are getting more work done in less time. If you are a guy staring into the mirror waiting for your next set then you are boring yourself to death.



  • Train when you are in the gym and stop wasting time.
  • Follow your program and don’t pussy out of finishing it.
  • Eat more, eat after training, eat non processed food. Think of food as re fuelling.
  • Stop looking at the mirror in between sets. You should never be standing around.

Follow those simple rules and you will notice an increase in your intensity, increase in strength, increase in results and more time to do something else in life that makes you happy.

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