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Real Story: Real Results

Everyday we get testimonials from members who want to share their thoughts on training here in our performance gym.

They achieve various results such as confidence, strength gain, fitness, fat loss and most of all friendship.

I will be posting up testimonials every now and again to let people know that you also can achieve awesome results and join a tribe that looks after each other no matter your fitness levels.

Here is Iggy’s own words:

I joined the gym in TFS on 1/4/2014.


I was suffering overweight wise, Bloating and generally out of sorts. I needed to get back on track, lose body fat and get fit.


I was put on a strength/fat loss program under the guidance of Jason, one of the coaches in TFS. I have never looked back.


I am in the gym three to four times a week.


Jason monitors what I am doing making sure I am keeping to schedule. He has also advised me on the nutrients that I should take to help me with dietary side of what I had to do.


I have lost over a stone in weight. I am fit; I can even walk four miles now.


Three months ago I wouldn’t have been able to walk one mile.


This is all down to TFS.


They are right behind me all the way, with the membership they have here, they find time to speak to everybody about their individual programme.


Like with me, they keep everybody on track. I can’t speak any highly of them. They are great. I have joined gyms when I was younger. TFS are the best that I have joined.


-Iggy Mitchell  6/6/14


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