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Brian Roache Personal Trainer at Total Fitness Solution

Total Fitness Solutions Tuam Gym photographer Julia Dunin

Brian Roache

Director Father to an amazing boy, Husband to the most patient and brilliant woman, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist,Fitness Writer, Entrepreneur and workaholic. Fitness to me is a gift that everyone can have and should cherish.You only have one chance on this small blue planet so why waste time not enjoying it. It’s about making choices and most of all learning from mistakes. I love what I do because everyday I get to give my knowledge and experience to the lives of other people all while having a great time with them. I am addicted to reading books (never show my wife my amazon bill!), love learning from the best in the fitness and business world and I try to bring a ferocious passion, honesty and intensity to my life the same way as I train and live life.

You cannot achieve maximum results unless you’re nutrition and most importantly your stress and general health situation is balanced.Once you have that achieved then your must work hard and honest

Jason Nolan - Personal Trainer at Total Fitness Solutions

Jason Nolan, Personal Trainer

Highly qualified senior Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer with over 15 years experience working in the fitness Industry. Jason works with a broad range of people from athletes to regular personal training clients and uses his extensive knowledge in fitness and conditioning to get them optimal results.Jason brings years of experience in customer service to all TFS members and ensuring that we stick to our mantra of guaranteeing results. Jason is your go-to guy if you need anything.

Annie Connaghton - Personal Trainer at Total Fitness Solutions

Annie Connaghton, Personal Trainer

The Queen of TFS Gym, Annie is a Qualified Personal trainer and Strength and Conditioning coach currently growing into one of the best female trainers in Ireland. Her hunger for attention to detail when dealing with here clients is amazing. She is constantly researching all areas of fat loss conditioning along with strength programming. Since coming to Total Fitness Solutions in 2013, Annie has been an integral part of the team, not only in training her clients and helping them achieve great results, she has also worked closely with management to develop and implement systems and programs for the gym.