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“I Did It”

I did it

“I Did It”

How many people would wish for the words “she/he tried” instead of the words “I did it” appearing on their tombstone. Not many I feel. The ability to look at something and wish for balanced against the drive to take action and go get it is extremely lopsided.

Most people want to change their lives in some way but end up hoping that eventually pieces will fall in place. Life just does not work that way. You have to fight, scrape, earn, and drive towards your deepest goals. I am always reminded of one of my mentors saying to me “If you do what you have always done then you get what you’ve always got”
People are intrigued about how we help our clients achieve awesome results in our boot camps.
Simple. Hard work, gratitude and our client’s ability to expand their confidence in themselves.
I and my team created a system here that functions on fat loss with fun training along with the ability to eat super, tasty food.
Now, it took time. We had to go through various systems until we were sure that it suited our beliefs and ethics.
So what happens when you take action and enter our 12 week Optimum Change Bootcamp.
We base it off three key strands:
1. Accountability
2. Nutrition
3. Training/Consistency


First of all we meet you for a Consultation where we focus on
• Lifestyle
• Training history
• Your ability to schedule training into your life
• Measurements- weigh in, body fat percentage, tape measurements on 9 areas of your body
• Pre photos (which are never ever used unless you give written consent)
We re measure and go through the consultation every 4 weeks to keep you accountable to yourself and your goals so you won’t hear the word fail enter you head.
You will think differently about skipping a session or eating 3 bags of crisps with the glass of red wine at the weekend if you know that at end of week 4 you are been measured from head to toe.


We believe in a wholesome nutrition lifestyle that encourages the introduction of new habits to out pre form old ones.
We love our clients having plenty of meat, fish along with buckets of fresh vegetable. The key thing to remember is there is no fad thistle drinking diet plan here. Just 100% fresh food and easy to use 28 day nutrition pack to follow.
If we can get you eating clean and enjoying 80% of your food by week 4 you will be on a great path for the rest of your life.


Our training system is focused on sustainable fat loss for the rest of your life. How many of you have lost 1 stone in weight and it came back again twice as quickly.
To give you a picture of what we do, image a large training centre with 15 people all lifting weights, smiles on their faces, encouraging everyone, respecting people’s ability and forging new friendships.
Don’t worry if you have never lifted a weight before. Our coaches Annie, Jason, Alan, Ann or Iarlagh will show you exactly what to do.
Also, if you feel you might not be fit enough for this then think again. We will introduce you slowly and by the end of week 4 you will have huge extra energy, fitter than you thought you could be and hungry for more.
The key also is we focus on building lean, strong body’s all the while reducing inches off your body while dropping unwanted body fat all over your body.
Key to this though is consistency of training. You must train every 48 hours to create a change in your body. That’s why we try and create training programs that introduce EPOC- Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption which means your burning body fat long after you leave the gym.
Our clients train here 3 times per week. The training times are Monday/Wednesday/ Friday at 6.30am/8.30am/9.30am/6pm & 7.30pm. Also Tuesday/Thursday at 8.30pm and Saturday at 10am.
Our clients also get to use the main gym 7 days a week just like a TFS gym member. We want you to get the best results and to achieve an amazing new outlook on life not to mention the confidence of finally reaching your goals.

Optimum Change Bootcamp

Fill in your details and we will ring you for a strategy discussion about your options!
  • Fill in your details and we will ring you for a strategy discussion about your options!

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