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how to unleash the man in you

How to UNLEASH the Man in You

Reading the reports from the rugby at the weekend, a lot of focus is on the collisions that these alpha males are putting their bodies through right now.

110 kg guys running at top speed into a another 110 kg guy. With no padding, helmet or jockstrap like american footballers!!! Most guys I know look at the rugby team and admire the physique, energy and focus that the players have. Most guys wonder where is the starting point in trying to get a tenth of that drive and power not to mention losing the gut and looking lean. There is a few places you can start with that you can do right now.

For Instance:

1. Zinc, TAKE IT! Many people have a deficiency in many nutrients and minerals. Zinc is no exception and without this important mineral – you are at a loss of the potential testosterone your body could be making/using.

Furthermore, Zinc is necessary in order to produce adequate levels of stomach acid. Without proper levels of digestive juices – you will not be able to absorb your food properly and this will further your deficiency in Zinc and other important minerals and vitamins.

2. Eat red meat, digest it well. Consume organically grown and naturally raised meat sources. You do not want the accompanying chemicals, hormones and antibiotics that come with inorganic feed. This will actually reduce your testosterone and increase your estrogen which is EXACTLY what you DO NOT want to be doing.

Believe it or not, eating inorganic meats can have a ripple effect on your hormones on your overall biological system. One of these reactions being – inflammation. When your body is in a state of high inflammation – you over produce cortisol. If you have read any of my other articles, you’ll have seen cortisol mentioned here and there. Your body will either produce Testosterone or it will produce Cortisol. So, you create the environment and your body will adjust as necessary.

3. Lift, HEAVY! Go heavy or go home, do not pussy foot around and lift your 3kg dumbbells and think you’re going to make big changes to your physique or hormonal profile. Hell, you won’t become manly because you are lifting something that is made of steel. It has to be worth it – think of every rep being as maximally worth your time as possible. Studies have shown time and time again that when lifting maximal weights and overloading the muscular system appropriately – mixing this with adequate rest intervals such as 2-3 minutes and you will see a significant boost in testosterone during your workouts.

So if you are a girl and have triceps that blow in the wind when you are holding your arm up in the dead of space or you are a male who has bigger boobs than his girlfriend…please start challenging yourself with some real weight and begin boosting your natural levels.

4. Being happy, believe it or not – people who tend to be more aggressive and walk around with a chip on their shoulder are not testosterone junkies nor are they the alpha. Studies have shown that these traits of anger, inability to control ones emotions and state of mind are a sign of low testosterone. Control, confidence and a sense of well-being are all signs of a healthy system. So if you are having some serious trouble daily with your emotions and are finding yourself either depressed or angry all the time, eat an avocado, take some Zinc, lift some bad ass weight and relax a bit. Now, how can I help you with your training?

We are starting a bad ass Fat Loss/Strength Boot camp next Tuesday night just for guys.

60 minutes on a Tuesday night could be the difference in your life that you need, not to mention the kick in the butt to get you off the couch.

Click on the link below, fill out the form and we will contact you to explain how it will work:

Later peeps:)

Brian Roache.

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