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What type of training will I be doing at Total Fitness Solutions?

You will be training in strength and conditioning programs that will be based on changing your body composition and building strong lean muscle so we can kick away that unwanted soft stubborn fat.

I have never lifted weights before, will strength training be suitable for me?

Most definitely, you will be surprised how quick you adapt and learn. We coach you how to lift and the techniques that goes with it, all while having fun

As a female will I get bulky from lifting?

No, your body is different compared to males. You are hormonally not primed for massive bulking.

Am I fit enough?

Don’t worry about that. We make sure we adjust the training session to suit you. Our coaches are able to adapt and change workouts to suit whatever of level of fitness you have.

Do you weigh and measure me?

Yes, accountability is a huge part of our ethics. At the start and every 4 weeks we weigh, tape measure and calculate your body fat percentage from various parts of your body.
We also take pre and post photos at every measurement session.


Is the Nutrition plan you provide tough?

Our TFS Nutrition blueprint is built around eating plenty of Vegetables and Meats along with healthy fats. Of course you are not going to be perfect but if we can get your mindset to start to change and you eat healthy 80% of the time then you are on the road to success.

Do you check my nutrition?

Yes, every Monday you bring in your food plan so we can assess and help you with your habits

Should I eat before training?

It is up to you, depending on what you eat during the day. We provide full pre and post workout snack options that are delicious.

What supplements should I take?

“Supplements” are what they say they are. They supplement your nutrition plan. The first thing you have to do is correct you’re eating habits. After that then you can pursue further supplementary help.

You're not going to tell me to have 'meal-replacement' shakes are you?

No, we believe in chewing food and enjoying it. Of course, if you wish to have a post workout shake then we will advise you on the best high protein low sugar brand.


How long is my membership?

It is up to you individually after the initial first 4 weeks but first thing you have to take into consideration is your goal. Most people it can take 12 – 24 weeks to change into a fit, healthy, strong person.

Is a 60 minute session long enough?

Yes, any longer you are wasting your time and as you know time is very important to all you busy people.