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Why you have failed before in a Transformation

Ask yourself, how many times have you started the journey to transform your life?

How many times have you tried to change your diet habits?

How many time have you shrugged your shoulders and changed direction halfway through some fat loss plan or exercise routine?

Now I could sit here and tell you a thousand things that you could have done to prevent that happening but maybe it comes down to the fact that the right information or environment was just not right for you to hit your rewards.

Maybe the trainer was crap.

Maybe you were lazy.

Maybe you never felt comfortable in the gym.

Rather than pointing fingers, I want to provide some knowledge that raises awareness.

Remember, awareness precedes change!

When I sit down with my team to discuss new training methods and how to better our sessions I often find myself talking about the need of motivation.

You see, one cannot force their own motivation onto another. You can have all the pictures, quotes, music pumping, etc all around the gym floor but what happens when all that stops and the person is just standing there.

They must find their “why” and their internal motivation themselves.

You have to be able to get to a point where you make the choices and know you control your destiny without any one else’s external influence.

You must believe you can accomplish tasks that you set out to do whether it’s starting with something as small as doing an exercise correctly.

You need to be part of a community or a support-group that empathizes with you, understands you, hears you and helps you become better with no judgment.

But it takes patience to make that progress.

Most people fail due to having to rely on external motivation and not internal motivation.

You must find a training environment that supports your growth as a person along your transformation which takes into account your own internal motivations and supports them.

Your coach must give you the right information and not squeeze the life out of you with information over load.

Stay away from environments that try and control you to think the way they think or behave in ways that ignore your needs and feelings.

There are many components to a body and lifestyle transformation and it is important for you to know what environment you should be in to make sure your transformation is real and becomes a part of you rather than a yo-yo affect.

Look back at the times you have taken action and started training, dieting, etc. and how it ended up. Did you have the conditions that I talked about above?

You CAN do it and you WILL do it and now you have information that will help you choose the best coaches and environment to help you achieve your goals for good.

If you want to discuss your transformation with me and what is the best option for your internal goals to grow, then click on the link below and get in touch for a Free Consultation.


Brian Roache

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