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Brian and Dr Eric Serrano

Eric Serrano

Last week I had the superb opportunity to attend a 2 day workshop with one of the worlds leading strength, nutrition and hormonal experts Dr Eric Serrano.

Without a shadow of a doubt, it was the best workshop I have ever attended and I have been at a lot.  His ability to break down the most technical of problems and fix them was breathtaking. Also, I really don’t think you could find such a humble and nice guy!

Dr. Eric Serrano MD is the ace sought out by elite athletes around the world for help with the most difficult of problems.  Dr. Serrano spends a large part of his time promoting the health of his every day family practice patients.  Amongst the thousands of patients are elite athletes from around the globe who will travel to the ends of the earth to consult with him. A wide array of athletes from the NFL, NHL, MLB in addition to countless elite amateurs make up Eric’s elite client list of athletes.  His cohesive expertise comes from years of practicing medicine and his career as record-breaking power-lifter.  As an athlete and family man Eric understands the needs of his clients and pushes himself to stay on the cutting edge of training, supplementation, nutrition, injury rehabilitation and performance enhancement.

Here are some of the tips that he went into in detail:

  1. Ladies with low cholesterol increase their estrogens too much can cause you to weight gain and increase body fat.
  2. Men with low cholesterol have low testosterone. And guys, you know what happens with low testosterone!! Thankfully my staff knows how to help you with a good nutrition system and well planned out strength program.
  3. You must balance out your fats. You need a balance of polyunsaturated fats (fish oils). Saturated fats and monounsaturated fats such as coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and butter.
  4. Stay away from hydronated fats. You will find them in biscuits, breads etc.
  5. Never use margarine for anything!
  6. Do not use flaxseed oil with women over the age of 35.
  7. Have a hot drink with your food to burn more body fat. If you drink cold water with your food then it will store it as body fat.
  8. If you are having a one off pizza then have some fish oils with it to reduce body fat increasing.
  9. Never consume carbs in the morning as it will screw you up for the rest of the day.
  10. Wrinkle at the back of your neck in a young person shows you have a high sugar /high carb tendency
  11. Wrinkle at the back of your neck in a young person shows you have a high sugar /high carb tendency.
  12. I know all the women know this but your cycle impacts massively on how you can train. Depending on the first 14 days or second 14 days then you must adjust your training.
  13. Never have soya products.
  14. Pasteurized Goats milk is the nearest milk to human breast milk.
  15. Super fat burner is to have coconut oil and coffee on a fasted stomach first thing in the morning and drink amino acids during the session.
  16. Men can eat a lot more fat than women who need a little more carbs on the week of their cycle.
  17. Butter is great for cooking with but makes sure its stays yellow through cooking. If it goes brown then it’s been cooked at too high heat.
  18. Eggs are an excellent source of protein but eat them the same way all of the time and you can get intolerant to them. Do not over eat them and change from boiled to poached to omelette. The least effective way of cooking eggs is scrambled.
  19. Apple cider vinegar can lower insulin by 21%. Take 2/3 spoons in the morning first thing to kill body fat and balance blood sugars.
  20. When you are buying fish oils make sure they have alpha linolenic acid in them.
  21. Stay away from dextrose. It’s what sneaky product makers put in “sugar free” foods.


Brian Roache

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