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Did you ever have a case of the DOMS?

Have you ever had one of those killer sessions and thought this is going to hurt tomorrow? You know the ones where you can trouble ahead.

Feel the lactic pumping into your legs.

You wake up the next day and you can hardly walk.

Simple things like getting out of the car, sitting on the toilet not to mention coming down a stairs.

All you have is a case of the dreaded DOMS.

DOMS stands for delayed onset muscle soreness.

(DOMS) peaks anywhere from 24 to 48hrs after a session. The pain is caused by lactic acid, a by-product of energy used by your muscles.

For most people, they will grin and bear the pain of not being able to walk up the stairs.

The use of active recovery can be a powerful tool in reducing the intensity of dreaded DOMS and can help improve recovery and performance.

The words “active recovery” are a bit of a buzz term within sports.

But what does the term imply? Essentially it is any activity that aids in recovery, this is not limited to the physical aspect but can also include coping with the mental rigour of training.

The intensity of the recovery should be low enough not too cause too much stimuli. For example: If you are sore after squatting then a light swim or walk will aid recovery.

Athletes utilise active recovery principles to aid the repair process after an intense session.

I’m sure you have all seen the footage or photos of footballers jumping in the pool or “enjoying” an ocean swim after the weekend’s game in winter.

For many years, the post-surgery protocol was bed rest, but we now know this is counter productive.

Exercise and movement are vital for the circulation of blood.

Activities that can be included as active recovery:

-light run or bike ride
-stretching or foam rolling
-a light session focusing more on technique

Recovery is required for the body to rebuild to get the maximum results from training.

So next time you start training after a long period of not training or up the intensity a notch or two , dont worry about the next day pain.

Just realise you have DOMS and start your active recovery.

Why not try this as well for recovery?

Simple home made shake that only takes minutes to do.

It literally takes two minutes to make as there’s no chopping or prepping ingredients, just add everything to your blender, switch on, pop on a lid and you’ve got your recovery shake ready to go.

50g oats (can get these gluten-free)
1 banana
1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup water
1 teaspoon peanut butter

Brian “the dom” Roache

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