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Beware of 4 Nutritional Mainstream Beliefs

Beware of 4 Nutritional Mainstream beliefs

Beware of 4 Nutritional Mainstream Beliefs

With so much nutritional advice out there, it’s human nature to pick and choose what appeals to your weaker side beware of 4 nutritional mainstream beliefs.

The food industry spends billions of euro’s each year on marketing campaigns to make you believe that their product is as safe as the meat in the cave 10,000 years ago!

If you crave chocolate, listening to someone advocate dark chocolate as healthy food, seems hugely inviting. I find though that it only opens a door for other types of chocolate bars to re enter the mouth!

Nutrition is one of the craziest topics in this modern world. Opinions are everywhere and you will always find one study to counterbalance another.

25 years ago in Ireland, we lived on a staple diet of meats, veg and potatoes and if we were lucky we had jelly and Ice cream afterwards as a treat.

More fruit was eaten and biscuits were secretly hidden for the “posh” visitors.

Alas, the influx of high carbohydrate and processed foods on our shop shelves has increased our cravings for sugar and old values have been sidelined.

It’s easier nowadays to stick on a pizza than it is to cut up a turnip. Why have water when you can have coke. Sprinkle of sea salt…hell no! Pour that Aromat all over your chips.

When people hear “low carb”, they think low fat.

When people hear “simple” they think healthy home cooked food.

When people hear “low in sugar”, they think very little sugar.

When people hear “fruit has too much sugar” they avoid fruits.

When people hear “detox”. They think all will be cured and forgiven.

Let me look at some of those and give my explanation of what they mean and what the food companies don’t want you to know.

  • Low Carbs: When people tell me they eat low carbs or say I don’t eat sugar I roll my eyes to heaven. Yes you don’t put a plain spoon of sugar in your tea or coffee but there are grams of carbohydrates (aka sugar) in bread and bread products. You can get loads of great carbs from vegetables so why bother with low ones. Low fat is another beauty where by they take out a portion of the natural fat in the food and replace it with sugar until it tastes like the original.
  • Keep it simple: The word “simple” is a marketing buzzword that you will see all over the shop shelves. It makes you think you are buying something that’s better for you and your family. Ingredients like apples, bananas, nuts, eggs and lean meats are as simple as foods as you can get and are loaded with nutritional value. It’s the manufactured simple foods that trip you up.

Watch out for simple carbs like white pasta, white bread, sweets, biscuits, ice cream etc that is manufactured to be addictive and is layered with sugars, colourings, salt etc.

  • Ah yes the detox: It’s a buzz word which to most people saves their ass after a large drinking weekend or a festive food session. “Ill detox the head off myself next week” or “time for a detox” is common language around the fitness world these days. My advice to help your body get the toxins out, is to put fewer in.
  • Fruit: While fruit does indeed contain natural sugar, it comes along with great nutrition, such as vitamin C and fiber. One of my favourite fruits is grapes. They are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin K. It’s natural to enjoy sweet foods — so getting a natural sugar fix from fruit rather than candy is smart. Aim for two cups or two pieces of fruit per day. Try and keep the fruit as dark as possible though such as blueberries, cranberries or raspberries.

Enjoy your food. Be creative. Learn to break down the various information labels off foods and don’t believe everything you read on the pack.

Brian Roache.

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