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Total Fitness Solutions Training facility was born out of the need for consistent and personal results in North Galway. People ask all the time what do we do. We make people look better naked!
We combine strength training with High intensity fun session so achieve the one thing that you crave;Results.
The system we use has time and time again achieved the desired results. We break down nutrition into simple, easy to follow and extremely fun plans that cut out the crap and nonsense you read on the internet. No more fad diets. No more only eating protein bars. Super tasty food that allows a glass of wine when you have earned it.
We achieve real world results the very best coach’s here to inspire, motivate and teach you all the secrets of fat loss and strength training.


This is where the fun starts. We believe in strength training that increases your metabolism that leads to fat loss. We love girls and guys lifting here. It’s the most effective way for results plus no more 2 hour boring sessions. 60 minute sessions with great people, great music and a vibe you will get addicted to. We teach you the correct techniques and methods of training so you will learn and bring your training with you for the rest of your healthy life.



How much should you eat?When should I eat? Can I eat bread? What about coffee? Can I have carbs? All these questions can confuse people. We take all your worries about what to eat and teach you the correct method of enjoying a super tasty food plan. We check your food diaries every Monday so you know your on the right path. Combine this with regular food talks, in house chef cooking displays, seminars and free weekly content, you will never be confused again about what to eat.