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7 Unhealthy Truths about Breakfast Cereal

7 unhealthy Truths about Breakfast Cereals

We’ve all heard those commercials. You know, the TV ads for breakfast cereals – even those cereals marketed to kids.

“This cereal is part of a balanced breakfast.”

I keep getting asked about what breakfast to eat and no matter how many times I tell people chocolate anything is bad in the morning they will still sneak in coco pops!!

The term “balanced diet” is used a lot by cereal companies. Basically they want you to eat their shite food early in the day and that’s ok as long as you eat a paleo diet for the rest of the day!!They don’t care. They have you on the sugar fix addiction first thing in the morning raising your insulin levels which will make you crash with tiredness later in the day!

To clear up a few questions I keep getting I have compiled 7 unhealthy truths about breakfast cereals that you won’t see in the shopping Isle.

7 Unhealthy Truths About Breakfast Cereal


For decades, Irish people have been duped into thinking that breakfast cereal is indeed a part of a balanced breakfast. Just look at the nutrition label and you’ll see phrases, such as whole grain, natural, fortified with vitamins, gluten free and high in fiber – all keywords that give consumers the impression that cereals are healthy. The reality is far from the truth.


Why you should avoid breakfast cereal.


  1. They are loaded with GMOs.


Unless a cereal has been labeled as organic, it’s likely to contain genetically modified ingredients (GMOs), including wheat, corn and soy, which can wreak havoc on the immune system and lead to various health issues (such as autoimmune disease, gluten allergies and more). Never eat soy!!!!!


  1. They are loaded with preservatives.


Check out the food label of any cereal box. Chances are preservatives such as BHT, BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) and TBHQ (tertiary butylhydroquinone) have been added to make the cereal last longer on grocery shelves. These preservatives have been linked to neurological issues, behavioral problems and are believed to be carcinogenic. Have you ever thought how a cereal stays fresher longer than an apple???


  1. They have artificial dyes.


Kids love those brightly colored Os and other fun shapes in breakfast cereals. Unfortunately, those colors are usually made with artificial dyes .


  1. They have artificial flavors.

That box of breakfast flakes with dried strawberry bits might taste delicious but it’s unlikely made with real strawberries. In many cereals, artificial flavors have been added to make them taste better. These ingredients have been linked with fatigue, headaches, allergies, cancer and other health issues.


  1. They are heavily refined and stripped of most of their nutrients.

The grains used in most breakfast cereals have been stripped and refortified with vitamins and minerals (since the manufacturing process removed most of the real nutrients) and go through an extrusion process to make them into the Os and other fun shapes that kids love to eat. The result is a food-like substance that’s been made to look nothing like it’s original source and so heavily refined that there’s no nutritional value so cereal companies add it back in.



  1. The worst breakfast cereals tend to have the MOST advertising directed toward kids.

One of the worst unhealthy truths about breakfast cereal is the deceptive marketing to children.Breakfast cereals marketed to kids have about 85% more sugar, 65% less fiber and 60% more sodium than cereals marketed to adults.And what’s more disturbing is that many parents think breakfast cereals for kids are a healthy breakfast option.


  1. Even breakfast cereals marketed as “natural” or “healthy” are really no better than conventional cereals but with a bigger price tag.


The truth is that even “healthy” cereals don’t fare much better. There are no legal requirements for foods that are labeled as “natural”. It’s basically meaningless hype used by breakfast cereal companies to dupe consumers who are looking for healthier cereal options.



What to Eat Instead of Breakfast Cereal


Now NOT ALL breakfast cereals that are labeled as “natural” or “healthy” bad. Usually those that are organic must abide by standards to include only organic ingredients.


I personally avoid breakfast cereals for my family. I prefer to make whole-food meals for breakfast, such as scrambled eggs from pasture-raised or organic hens, meat and fresh fruit. Sometimes I’ll serve homemade gluten-free bread or gluten-free buttermilk pancakes as a special treat on the weekends. My main focus for breakfast is to ensure I get an adequate amount of protein and avoid any refined sugars.

On the go and need something you can easily grab in the refrigerator or pantry? Try hard-boiled eggs. They are the perfect on-the-go food. You can also try nuts (properly sprouted and dried) or A Paleo Maple Nut Trail Mix .

Eating meat and nuts for breakfast is one of the best dietary habits you can use to get leaner, build muscle, and perform better. The first thing you eat in the morning establishes how you feel all day long because the nutrients in food set up a cascade of physiological effects, including the following:


  • Neurotransmitter production for optimal brain function and energy production.


  • Hormone modulation to keep you energized but calm.


  • Blood sugar regulation so you feel satisfied and prevent food cravings.

Try it and see how you feel.

Brian Roache


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