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3 Ways to Turn Your Body into a Fat Loss Furnace

3 Ways to Turn Your Body into a Fat Loss Furnace

The Best 3 Ways to Turn Your Body into a Fat Loss Furnace. There’s a dirty secret lurking behind popular workouts & diets. And it’s switching off your fat burning genes, ruining your metabolism, LOCKING fat in your cells and setting you up for rebound weight gain.

You see, most diet and exercise programs only focus on losing pounds on the scale. But they don’t pay any attention to where those pounds are coming from.

So they’re happy to sacrifice lean metabolic muscle, performance and energy just to get the scale to drop. That might seem rewarding in the short term.

They love water loss. They will throw you up on the scales after you have been on a 7 day flabby skin detox and boom…you have lost 8 pounds!!!

But it’s a one way ticket that leads to rebound weight gain and disappointment.These 3 Ways to Turn Your Body into a Fat Loss Furnace will change the way you look at Body Fat.

So if you want to avoid the heartache of another failed fat loss plan, don’t fall into the trap of the these  deadly weight loss dangers that keep you flabby and actually turn off your body’s fat burning switch so you’re doomed to gain back every pound and MORE as soon as you stop dieting or exercising.

  • Your metabolism slows down so you burn fewer calories throughout the day.
  • Your body stops using body fat as fuel
  • The amount of food you can eat gets smaller and smaller without putting on weight
  • Your cortisol levels increase due to starvation stress on the body
  • You can’t burn off enough calories in your exercise to reduce body fat.

Even if you happen to stumble on a decent diet and exercise plan, it doesn’t work because you actually have to FIX the mess made by all the previous weight loss plans.

Don’t worry though. I’m about to give you 3 ways to turn your body into a Fat Loss furnace so you can restart your metabolism and turn it into an efficient fat loss machine.

  1. Believe in Muscle

Do not fall into the trap of “don’t want to be bulky”. Learn to love and appreciate lean muscle. Ignoring muscle cells is one way to gain excess body fat. So we encourage all our clients to lift weights. Grow muscle. Look strong. Lean.

Your muscle cells are the gatekeepers to fat loss.

And no matter who you are, no matter your gender, no matter what level you’re starting at, this is true for you too.

So you don’t just want to “lose weight,” because that means you’re probably also sacrificing the one thing in your body — your muscle cells — that will actually make it EASIER to torch off fat and get a lean and athletic looking body.

That’s why athletes look so great. The “composition” of their bodies is the perfect balance of muscle and fat.

You must train with a mixture of weight training and high intensity cardio 3 to 4 times per week, making sure every 4 weeks you change your training programmes. Click Here for a Free 20 Minute High Intensity Home Workout.

  1. Fix the system that tells your Body Fat to Burn

Unless your fix your hormonal imbalances your are going nowhere. If you are going to bed at night very stressed and can’t sleep, then your chances of fat loss are limited due to excess cortisol levels. Cortisol is a fight or flight hormone but it can also be a catabolic system that prevents lean muscle growth and increases belly fat.

You may have heard of things like testosterone, estrogen, growth hormone, leptin and many other hormones. They’re all related to fat loss. And they react to the food you put in your mouth and how you move your body.

By balancing your hormones with the right exercise and nutrition, along with changes in your daily lifestyle, you can reset those fat burning hormones.

Why not start with taking zinc and magnesium before your go to bed to reduce stress or drink some pukka tulsi green tea.


“I am doing everything right Brian but I’m not losing weight on the scales”

I used to hear that and scratch my head trying to figure it out until it dawned on me that under eating is way worse the over eating.

This may sound strange, but you can have your ideal body without putting yourself on an extreme deprivation diet. In fact, restricting your food will actually ruin your chances of getting the body of your dream.

Your body will go into protective mode and preserve body fat. This is because it thinks your starving it. Your body is very smart. It will try and survive as a living organism as long as possible.

By eating a proper nutrition diet of protein, carbohydrate and good fats, you will increase your metabolism, stay metabolically flexible and burn more body fat for fuel.

Brian Roache

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