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How many times have you thought about joining a gym and losing weight?

Did you over time realise that you’re not happy with your fitness, energy and body shape and that something has to change.

Have you googled the local” gym” in your area and up steps the biggest commercial gym in the town?

Have you run in with your cheque book and put your health in their hands?

Maybe you did just that and realised that once you started, it was the most uncomfortable place you have ever encountered or quite possibly the most intimidating situation you have put yourself in.

Suddenly you are left to your own devices within the gym trying to figure out what the hell is a cable fly or is incline up or down!

Then the worst feeling in the world happens. You give up. You walk out that door with your head down in shame and never go back. Then you are back to square one with a bad attitude towards the fitness industry.

I know how you’re feeling. I was there in 1999. I walked into a gym in Galway City, paid a large membership and after 1 session was left to fend for myself. I was never made to feel as stupid or unwelcome as in the 3 times I went afterwards. Then I gave up. I never went back and kept my fear in silence.

That was until I met my current in house physio Damien Burke who was operating a results gym and suddenly I was made feel welcome, important and most of all the gym was a friendly local place of fun.

So when I think of my own business I think of 3 areas that I know might worry people and I try and make sure these 3 principles are adhered to so their experience is welcoming and they feel happy walking in the door.

Principle 1:

I place the client in the best training environment that suits them and not me.

My role is a facilitator that sits down and listens to the client’s needs and go through their lifestyle, time management and schedule. I look at their previous history of training and reasons why they might have failed in the past.

Then I make sure I place them in the most suitable position within my business where I know they will survive, be happy, feel motivated and most of all gain superb results.

This a lot of the time could mean a hell of a lot less money for my business but I don’t care. If that person gets to smash their first 30 day goal that’s good enough for me.

Principle 2:

We coach and educate you on strength, fat loss and conditioning exercises

Imagine the look I get when I say to a beginner “have you ever heard of a hex bar deadlift?” They look at me like I have 3 heads. But that is exactly the person that I love to train. Why? Because they have no bad habits only the new ones I will coach and develop over time. All the girls and guys who are part of my team are all strength and conditioning coaches who love to take a beginner and educate them.  People need to feel like they are learning and growing in order to feel progress and once you achieve  that then you will feel you are moving in the right direction.

If I have someone who is intimidated by the main gym then we place them in the upstairs training centre where you are only surrounded by likeminded people.

Alternatively, if you are an athlete who wishes to improve their performance then we begin the first stages of analysing and testing to see where you are right now and how we can move you to the next level of success.

Principle 3:

We give you a “living in the real world” Nutrition bible.

If you have 3 kids at home plus a partner who all need to have their food organised then giving you a special organic, green only, fancy diet plan will be just unrealistic so we make sure we keep it really simple and try to bring encourage your family to eat the same foods.

We believe that there is way too much complication and misunderstood information floating around with regards to healthy eating so why add more confusion.

We believe in sustainable Nutrition programming that is so simple to follow that it becomes fun and enjoyable not boring and tasteless.

Your diet must consist of the golden 3 macro nutrients.

You must have Carbohydrates, protein and good healthy fats as part of a complete nutrition plan. Protein is essential for all growth and repair of any cell in the human body, it increases muscle mass, improves muscle tone and assists in weight loss.

Carbohydrates are required for energy, preventing disease and assisting in weight loss. Fats are crucial for the human body as they assist in the development and function of the brain and nervous system, regulate blood pressure and healthy hormonal activity.

With our easy to follow successful nutrition blueprint, you will have no fear in what you have to eat. We try and make sure that yes, you can have some ice cream in you plan as long as you have earned it.

One of the biggest problems we encounter with new clients is undereating. Your body must become metabolically flexible for fat loss to occur.

So the fad diets out there that preach eating 4 protein bars a day are just plain misleading. In house we adjust your nutrition based on weekly feedback from our assessments as such each and every members nutrition is personalised to ensure you hit your goals and continue to bust through plateaus.

We want to set you up so you don’t fail and are able to take control of your own nutrition to ensure longevity in your approach.


At the end of the day, you must feel you are in the right environment where the coaches actually care and you feel you can ask for help at any stage of your training.

If you are investing your money in stocks and shares you would do your market research and see what is best for your return.

It’s no different when it comes to your strength and fitness. See you is constantly helping their clients, who are full time professional coaches who love training beginners or advanced people and who have a strong nutrition ethos that will suit your lifestyle.

Then you will feel how I felt the minute I found my first gym I loved. You may even get the fitness addiction that grew inside me.


Brian Roache

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